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Sarah Carroll & the Unconscious Brothers

with special guests Suzannah Espie & Dan Warner
Greyhound Hotel, Sunday, 15th April 2007

I hadn't seen Sarah play with the Unconscious Brothers since the Queenscliff Music Festival last year so I was looking forward to seeing the show at the Greyhound as it had also been a long time since she had played there also.

The band had played another gig the previous day at a chicken shop, which Leigh Ivin described as like playing at Arnold's diner out of Happy Days. No chicken this time however, but there was a BBQ out in the beer garden.

Leigh Ivin was a welcome addition on slide and electric guitar during the gig. It is sad to hear he is no longer playing with the Re-mains as it will make a big difference to their sound without his playing.

Special guests for the gig included Suzannah Espie and Dan Warner who decided to come up on the spur of the moment as they were in the audience. It was great to here the song Sarah sang with Suzannah especially as it was an old GIT number.

It was a great gig in a venue where you really have to hold your own to get the respect of the crowd. Special mention must go to Tear Stained Letter by Richard Thompson which ended the second set as it was particularly rocking. Also welcome were two Elvis numbers with Sarah wearing a bling and drunken shouting by Steve PRICKtor (not so welcome.)

Fred and Johnny tried to get Sarah, Suzannah and Dan to stay for karaoke afterwards, but there's always next time. I am looking forward to other gigs in the newly reopened band room out the back and will try to make it to at least one of Sarah's residencies in May in the front bar at the Spanish Club.

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