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Sons of Lee Marvin

Route 66 Garage, Saturday 6th December 2008

I wasn't planning on going to see anything this weekend except for Melbourne BBQ Day on the Sunday, but as I had a meeting down in Balaclava for lunch and it was a nice day, I decided to drop by this gig also.

Sons of Lee Marvin have been playing quite a few gigs recently and have been played on RRR quite a bit. I haven't gotten to see them that much so I was glad for the chance to see them again.

I had wondered how they were going to fit into the store with their two drum kits. As it turned out they just got moved back a bit further than the other bands.

Most people stayed outside to watch this gig for some reason, I didn't think they were that loud. I thought this gig was great and there is now a permanent reminder of it from the skid marks from Stu Manchu's boots on the floor when he did a skid on his knees.


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