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Rock'n'Roll Wrestling

Greyhound Hotel
Friday, 13th January, 2006

Pre & post match entertainment:
The Hybernators

Match 1: 69'er vs. Mike Manson
Match 2: Jay Andrews vs. Cletus
Match 3: Lee Star vs. Logan
Main Event: Steve Frost & Mad Dog vs. Krackerjak & Slex

Michael 'Mikey' Michaels, Beaumont

Jason 'Evo' Evans

As I thought the band would start at 9pm, I got to the Greyhound at 8.30, I shouldn't have been that worried about time as they didn't arrive until after 9pm and started later. The Hybernators have a new drummer now, I thought she did very well and even played in a wrestling mask in the second set.

I almost had my head taken of by Richard when he came out cracking the whip with a wrestling mask on so he couldn't see anything. The band played well until Krackerjak came on and beat up Richard for playing too long and taking up wrestling time.

The first match was very good for a supposed warm-up match. My favourite part of the match was when 69er got out of the ring as his feelings had been hurt by Mike questioning his sexuality. It was just so well done. 69er got his revenge by winning that match.

Jay Andrews vs. Cletus was another great match, with Cletus entering the ring by doing a flip over the ropes. There was also some action outside the ring and quite a few launches from the turnbuckle. This match ended with Cletus lying on the canvas and Evo inquiring as to whether he needed an ambulance.

Lee Star vs. Logan was a fun match from the superstar style entrance of Lee and his entourage to Logan rushing the ring and people beating a hasty retreat. Of course, there was some interference by Lee's two helpers, but it didn't really influence the result - Logan won.

Steve Frost & Mad Dog vs. Krackerjak & Slex was a baddies vs. goodies match. Lots of dirty tactics and cheap moves where involved and the outside ring action threatened to turn into a bar brawl. Thankfully this was averted and Krackerjak and Slex won. This led to Mad Dog denouncing his tag partner and challenging him to a match on the 24th of January at the Prince of Wales.

After the matches the Hybernators played their second set, with the wrestlers in particular really getting into it. I thought it was a really great night and I definitely recommend going if you get the chance.


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