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Rockabilly Sunday Afternoon

Tanya Lee's R&Bs, Hank's Jalopy Demons at the Bendigo Hotel
Sunday, 6th February 2005

After having my hot water service burst and not being able to reach the estate agent (they are going stuff me around with it I know), I was really looking forward to going to the Bendigo Hotel as my friend Ilana said she would come and see the second band on the bill. On my way I swung by the Pint and Punt as usual and managed to confuse one patron who thought I was going to the city of Bendigo in country Victoria.

I could have stayed to see the Large No. 12's first set, but I wanted to catch the first band so I left just as they started setting up. I arrived just in time to see Tanya Lee's R&Bs finishing their sound check. Even though my friend didn't want to see them, I though they were really good. Their songs were more in a softer country style and they did have quite a few people dancing to them.

I have seen Hank's Jalopy Demons before, but this time I decided to stay for both sets as my friend Ilana said she was going to arrive by 7.30pm, just in time for them to start. She ended up arriving at 8.15pmish, but she hit the dancefloor with her dancing partner Paul and made up for missing a couple of songs.

Something that I hadn't noticed before was that Ilana hoots and hollers while she dances sometimes if she is really into it. I did end up taking some photos of her dancing as well as a video and I think the band was still playing, I didn't really notice it much once she arrived.

After the gig I got to meet Hank from the band and a couple of Ilana's friends she knows who come to the Bendigo Hotel a lot which was nice. After posing for a couple of photos with Ilana and giving her my customary bear hug (there's no one else I can do it with) I then raced home to try and catch Ilana's radio show "In Bed with Elvis". I only missed the first 15 minutes, there are not as many trams on Sunday night.


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