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Que Paso CD Launch

with the Cartridge Family, The Wildes
Thornbury Theatre, Saturday 18th September 2010

I had been looking forward to this launch for ages and agreed to go a while ago even though I knew there was the big "A Day By the Green" gig at the St Kilda Bowling Club. Luckily I did as there were no other photographers except for one making a film clip. It is rare that happens these days, but I ended up taking more than enough photos to make up for it.

The decorations and projections at either side of the wall looked great also. There was Tex-Mex catering and margaritas but I didn't get to have either on the night - I had a big night at Vika and Linda the night before and wanted to have a rest.

The Cartridge Family were up first and were great as I haven't seen them since last year when they played on the Grande Ole Twang show. Rusty cracks jokes after every song so Sarah and Suzannah were trying not to laugh during some songs, it was great.

I had not seen the Wildes before, but I thought they went well. I did like the story the lead singer told about moving the book case.

Chris Altmann and Que Paso started off playing some bluegrass numbers, then were joined by special guests including Andrew Ogburn, Sarah, Suzannah, Cal a horn section and even Chris' dad at one point. Hopefully the film clip turns out well as the band did look good on the stage. I didn't buy the CD on the night but will hopefully get it in the future.

Cheers to Michael, Alysha, Jimmy Clinkerfield, Denise and anyone else I knew who was there but forgot to say hello to.


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