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Pub Olympics 2008

Pint on Punt, 16th February 2008

Team Staff: Kiwi Tim, Corey, Toby
Backpackers: Johnny, Jason, Louie

1. Keg Relay
2. Push-ups
3. Rock, Paper, Scissors
4. Chair holding

After having such a good time at the last Pub Olympics I was looking forward to this one and it seemed to come around fairly quickly after so much talking about the last one.

Kiwi Tim even came out of retirement to participate in the staff team and Corey and Toby joined the team with the day also doubling up as day one of Toby's going away party. Fred came up with a song for the staff pretty much on the spot and they sang it before and after each event, although it got harder for them to sing it each time due to beer.

The first event of the keg relay went well with Louie getting off to a good start, but Toby managed to get back first after Johnny dropped the keg on the way back.

After a twenty minute-ish drink break, the next event was the push-ups with Kiwi Tim and Johnny where they had to do thirty push-ups as well as drinking three pots. Kiwi Tim won the event easily to the rejoicing of the staff team.

Corey and Louie lined up for the rock, paper, scissors contest with a mostly one-sided contest that ended in a draw when Louie decided it was better to just get drunk.

The last event of the day was Corey and Jason holding two chairs up. Corey changed the rules and just put the chairs around his shoulders. Then they both had pints and wrestled until it was decided to call the contest a draw as it was getting boring standing around and they wanted to drink more.

I had to leave early in the night to go see the Longnecks, but I did come back later to see the stragglers getting kicked out on the path and the festivities continuing out on the street to the early hours. It was a great day and hopefully next time more people will turn up to see it.

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