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Pub Olympics 2007

AJ vs. Kiwi Tim
Pint on Punt
Sunday, 20th May 2007

Raising money for the Starlight Children's Foundation and the Salvos

Events completed:
Keg Run
Girlie Pushups
Balancing the beer tray

AJ's coach: Corey
Kiwi Tim's coach: Fred
Judge: Mike

Like all good things this day was the result of a drunken bet, in this case between AJ and Kiwi Tim. Originally it was going to be at the gym, but it was decided it would be more fun if it was done at the pub and beer was involved.

Special mention must go to Fred's choice of entrance songs for the contestants. Kiwi Tim had the classic "Eye of the Tiger" while AJ had "It's raining men" much to his bemusement.

The day's events got off to a good start with the Keg Run which AJ won easily, even if he did look funny running with the keg (not enough time to pick it up properly.)

Inside for drinks between events and the next event of the Girlie Push-ups was won by Kiwi Tim due to AJ not liking the beer involved.

The hover was next and was over not long after it started with Kiwi Tim coming out on top.

Balancing the beer tray had a big audience of kids for some reason and AJ slipped down the wall a bit too much which put him at a disadvantage. Kiwi Tim looked like he was sitting on a chair and just had to wait it out.

The last big event was the sit-ups with Kiwi Tim again winning at this event, by this stage both the contestants were getting quite drunk and there were three events still to go. By unanimous decision of themselves, their coaches and the judge it was decided to draw the competition and split the money evenly between the two charities which was the best result for everyone.

I did stay around for a while afterwards and shared in the bounty of party pies and footy franks to mark the end of the day's festivities. People kicked on for quite a while afterwards and Coach Corey reported people drinking well into the night.

It was a great day and hopefully will be repeated soon with other challengers.

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