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Little Freddie and the Pops vs. Smoke Machine

Bar 362, Saturday 29th May 2010

After seeing Smoke Machine at the Day by the Green I had been looking forward to seeing them do a longer set and I had seen Little Freddie and the Pops the weekend before at the Lyerbird, which turned out to be the last show of their residency luckily.

I had been out to see Sarah Carroll and Jackie Marshall in the afternoon and also the outside broadcast for Film Buffs' Forecast at the St Kilda Festival, but I still wanted to go see the gig in the evening.

The set up for the night was that each band was to play three sets each, with the winner being decided by the "Grouse-o-meter" at the end of the night.

Special guests for the first Little Freddie and the Pops first set were some dancers, who unfortunately went missing afterwards.

I thought Smoke Machine played well for the two sets that I saw them.

Unfortunately, I missed the third set for each band as I was a very tired by the end of the second set and the smoke was getting a bit too much for me. Thanks to the drummer from Smoke Machine for the huge prints of my Smoke Machine photos and I will try to get back and see both bands next time. From what I heard Smoke Machine won and Little Freddie and the Pops had to break up, but luckily they decided to get back together the next day as they missed each other.

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