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Dustpan & Brush, The Black Molls, My Dynamite

Pint on Punt, Saturday 28th June 2008

With recent contract ending the day before I couldn't make it to the variety show and roller derby events I had been invited to, so I decided to stay closer to home once again and go to the Pint.

Dustpan and Brush were playing a one-off gig this night. I thought they were OK except for being too loud, leading to me having a headache next day and missing a big benefit gig at the Greyhound.

The Black Molls with Fred and Dave Moll were great. Unfortunately Jackie was sick that night so Fred had to sing her parts.

There were a lot of people there just for My Dynamite, but I ended up leaving after a few songs. I am sure everyone had a good time during their set though.


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