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Fred and Dave with special guest Jackie Fingertoes, The Plumes, Bittersweet Kicks

Pint on Punt, Saturday 20th December 2008

I had missed the Twits' Christmas show last year, so I locked this one into the calendar extra early (October!) to make up for it. The Eggs were originally going to play, but Fred and Dave were a good replacement. Hello to Craig, who was there to see Fred and Dave and stayed for the other bands.

I wish I had've stayed at the Pint for my birthday this year as I would have seen Fred and Dave playing and Jackie doing a guest spot on a few songs.

The Plumes went OK, but I was walking around talking to other people while they were on.

I don't go to every Bittersweet Kicks gig, but do try to make it occasionally to their gigs at the Pint. They have other people taking photos of them now so they don't need me all the time. Pestering me to come to every gig is the best way to not get me to come to any. Highlights of their set were Johnny Kicks being stripped naked on Punt Rd and the band going out the front for a smoke break during their set. I did lend them my Santa hat, but I didn't want it back afterwards after what happened to it.


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