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Dezperados CD Launch

with the 2008 St. Kilda Clown Crawl, Stubble
Pint on Punt, Saturday 6th December 2008


Last weekend at the Queenscliff Music Festival had been so tiring and I had only finished working on the photos from the festival the day before, so I was really not going to come to this gig. I had no free weekends in December as it is (I found this out in October), so I had to see. Luckily I made it back in time to get dinner before the kitchen closed and got to watch the band set up for the next hour and a half.

I still think they turn the sound up far too loud when they play, but the Dezperados sounded great and I enjoyed the new songs off their CD. Jackie from behind the bar got up to sing with them to sing along with Jake, which was great.

The St. Kilda Clown Crawl turned up in the middle of their set, so I was a bit distracted taking photos of clowns. To the actual clown who said "I don't give a fuck about the clowns", like I wasn't going to take any photos of them! They were part of the night and they decided to make the Pint their final destination and stayed for the night in the knowledge they weren't going to get cut off or barred as it would be pointless to as you couldn't recognise them anyway. I am sure there were several people in the clown crawl I knew from St Kilda, but I couldn't recognise them on the night.

Jackie and some of the other bar staff have been trying to get me to come see Stubble for a while now. I only got to see a few of their songs and missed seeing Jackie singing backup vocals, but I am sure they went well. I was all clowned-out and had the St. Kilda BBQ Day the next day. When some of the backpackers started doing manginas and grabbing me to take photos I left.


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