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P-TEX Christmas Show 2005

Greyhound Hotel
Saturday, 17th December, 2005

One of the best things about this time of year in Melbourne are the "Christmas Shows" a lot of bands put on for their fans, some of which have become stuff of legend (the Weddings, Parties, Anything show for one.) I had been at a 30th birthday party which was fun, but my friend said she wanted some photos of P-TEX and I wanted to see them too.

When I got to the Greyhound, the front bar was packed which is always a good sign. I had only missed the first set, which was fine as they were playing three sets tonight. I ended up staying for the second set and some of the third set as I wanted to get a tram home. Special guests for the night included Ian Rillen, The Harrington Brothers and Dave Moll who were all very well received.

Even though there was not much room up the front, a lot of people were dancing, including two blokes who were dancing ballroom style with each other. I don't dance that often, but if my friend was there I would have. In the end my friend didn't end up coming, but I took lots of photos for her as she said she really wanted to have some of P-TEX. I would consider going to see this band again if they played at the same venue and I would recommend them if you are looking for a great night out.

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