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with Move Trees, Taxiride
The Palms at Crown, Sunday 19th October 2008

Who ever thought a blackout could be fortuitous? Having had my late-night screening of classic Aussie sexploitation movie Felicity curtailed by a sudden power blackout to all of St Kilda I made the torturous journey back to the Pint on Punt, only to find out they were in the same boat. Standing on the front step with the bar staff, Dan Hall walked up out of the darkness seeking an open bar and was turned away. Luckily he first invited me to see the last night of him playing with Taxiride supporting Noiseworks at the next night. Not bad for 12.30am on a Sunday morning.

I still didn't know if I was going to be able to take photos as it is a big venue and they would be strict about that sort of stuff. When I arrived at the ticket office, there was a ticket, but no photo pass. One gelato and 20 minutes later I ran upstairs with an arrangement sorted out. Thanks to Ken on front of house who said I would be fine to take as many photos as I wanted.

Move Trees were already playing when I got down the front. I didn't want to get in anyone's way so I stayed mostly to the side. I thought they played great and should do well in the future.

As I had said before, I didn't actually know Dan personally until he started playing at my local. I know Taxiride haven't played for a while, but I thought they went well and I look forward to seeing them more in the future. I know several people who are in more than one band at the same time and working a full time job so I am sure Dan can manage it.

Noiseworks were always a solid band on the Australian music scene and it is good to see them playing again given that some other late 80s/90s bands have had a resurgence recently. I was still in primary school and high school when Noiseworks was really big, so it was great to the get this chance to see them. The Palms is a big room to fill for four nights in a row and it was a great crowd for a Sunday night. Lots of mothers and daughters in attendance it seemed, although I didn't get to use the "it's great to see you bought your sister along" line.

I had planned to get an early night and left before saying goodbye to Dan and the other blokes from Taxiride. The usual faff came up when I got home and it was 2am on Monday morning before I got to bed (6.30am alarm). What?! No, I can't get to sleep without putting the photos on my computer first.


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