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New Year's Eve 2008

with Golden Mile, Tijuana Souvenirs, Dezperados
Pint on Punt, Wednesday 31st December 2008

As I go there every day as it is, it made sense to go to the Pint for New Year's Eve as I know everyone there. I have had the last fives New Year's Eves there now and wouldn't go anywhere else as it is too much trouble. I used to go to the Espy, but they started charging too much and wouldn't even put one of Fred's bands on - pah! I had one year across the Yarra in Brunswick for New Year's Eve and had to walk home as that was the year they decided not to have any public transport after midnight. There are just too many people in the city to deal with and I can see the fireworks another time.

I hadn't see the Golden Mile and Tijuana Souvenirs for a while, but I thought they went well. I was walking around talking to people mostly while they were playing.

It was good to see the Dezperados still played even with Dez being sick. After the trouble they had last time they didn't want to miss the gig so good on then.

I was going to go home straight after, but the trams were too squish so I ended up staying a bit longer with John and Jackie and some of the Dezperados while they rang up Brendan and sang "Afternoon Delight" over the mobile. I would have stayed until John and Jackie left if Frankie didn't start giving me the shits, and that's saying something since Alright Peter turned up at this gig.

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