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Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing Christmas Show 2008

with Dead River Deeps, James McCann
Corner Hotel, Friday 19th December 2008

I was going to go to the Fireballs gig on the same night, but changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go see Mick's show instead.

The ticket was not wasted as I gave it to a friend who wanted to go see the other band. I had wanted to go see one of Mick's Christmas shows ever since GIT played with them in 2003 (I only just bought the DVD of that show this year), but the shows always clashed with something else on. As I was busy on the nights of the other shows I decided to book a ticket and go.

Due to the rooftop being full and the Corner's licence including the roof, I had to go off somewhere else to get a pre-gig drink. On the way I stopped in at Dimmey's to get a Santa hat. The Vaucluse has been done up since I last went there before GIT's CD launch in 2003 and is now a tosser pub, pah! The Royal on Punt Rd decided to gouge me extra just to look at tits, but the Cricketers Arms was quiet, except for some footy players upstairs. I should have gone there first.

I like to get to gigs early so I see the support bands and I thought Dead River Deeps and James McCann went well, they would have been better if there were more people there to see them though. I hope the Junes had more people in to see them when they played on Christmas Eve at the NSC.

Cheers to Lucy and Rachael and their flashing Christmas earrings as they were the only other people with Christmas stuff on. Also I ran into Dan Hall mid-way through Mick's set, but he wandered off somewhere.

I had seen Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing a couple of times before, but it was different for their Christmas show as everyone was singing along. Also it seemed like people were standing in the same spot they stand every year, so I didn't want to push in front of them.

It was a great show and I hope the other gigs were just as good. I even managed to make it to Samantha's pizza place next door after the gig and even better was able to get a tram back to the Pint to see the bar staff and have a nightcap before I went home.


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