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Crackwhore, Kamikaze, Killerbirds

Greyhound Hotel, Friday 22nd August 2008

I hadn't seen Crackwhore for a couple of months and the last time I saw Kamikaze was in Adelaide two years ago so I had more than enough reason to go down to this gig rather than the few other ones I was looking at.

As the Twits are not playing much this year, it has been good to get out to see more bands that I hadn't been seeing as often as I should. Crackwhore played great and cheers to Pommy Kev, Lush, Chris and Perry Problem who also turned up to see them and Kamikaze.

Kamikaze...BY CHRIST! I've photographed over 600 bands and other performers in my five years of going to see bands. Kamikaze, while not the worst band I have seen, are getting pretty close. Far too much fucking around for my liking including two of the members asking for drugs from the audience while they were meant to be playing. I did see them in Adelaide and they were a lot better then. Far too loud as I was sick the next day just from the noise. I had to bugger off outside during the middle of the set.

Killerbirds made it worth staying around and Bindi should have a great time in New York. I didn't know that Nadine was related to the drummer of the Cosmic Psychos either. Heaps of people came just to see the girls and they have a great following these days. I look forward to seeing the Killerbirds in the future and I am sure they will kick on and get heaps of people to see them.


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