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The Stetson Family, The Snowdroppers, Kooky Karaoke

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 17th November 2008

With my contract finishing recently I had to cancel a photo-taking gig the night before and I wanted to stay close to home this weekend. I even missed the Bittersweet Kicks playing at the Pint on Friday as I didn't want to do too much on the weekend.

As it was Brendan's birthday the whole Pint crew was coming down and I wanted to see the Snowdroppers again so I decided to go down early. Cheers to Kelly and Sarah who came down to see the band even after having a big party the night before.

The Stetson Family were up first and played some great bluegrass. I will have a look for them next time they come down to Melbourne.

I thought the Snowdroppers went great and they should play in the front bar at the Greyhound more often when they come down from Sydney.

After the bands the karaoke was better than I had seen for a while also. I left a bit before 11pm as I had been at the pub since before 5pm and wanted to go home. Hopefully the rest of the Pint crew had fun and won't be too sick today.

Craig's photos from the gig

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