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The Flyin' Saucers, Brigitte Handley and the Dark Shadows

Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 2nd November 2008

I had a last-minute change of plans on Friday so I didn't make it to Brigette Handley's gig and I had a night off the day before when they played in the city on Saturday. I hadn't seen the Flyin' Saucers since 2004 at the Micawber Tavern in Belgrave so it was great to see them again. I thought they went really well and will hopefully be back in the future.

It was interesting to see Brigette Handley playing at the Greyhound in the afternoon as they usually play Friday/Saturday nights when they come down. Richard Hybernator even made it at the end, which was great as he had to come a long way to get to the gig.

Hopefully Brigette and the rest of the band had a good time and will be down in the future.

Craig Pittendrigh's photos from the gig

Kooky Karaoke's 12th Birthday

with the Kaos Orchestra, special guests
Greyhound Hotel, Sunday 2nd November 2008

Everyone from the Pint was coming down for this so I wanted to see if there would be a repeat of the big stage-invasion of a couple of years ago. I wasn't going to be able to stay late due to working the next day, but I still wanted to see the first few songs.

The Kaos Orchestra was great and reminded me of when they used to have the band doing backing for the singers every week (was a long time ago.) There have been a lot of people sing at Kooky Karaoke over the years and having the birthday event was a good way to celebrate.

I did get to see Jackie, Mia and Damien before I left and I am sure everyone had a good time and whooped up afterwards.

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