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Fuck Fucks XMAS Show 2006

with Brothel & The Hybernators
Greyhound Hotel
Friday, 22nd December 2006

Having missed the Fuck Fucks XMAS show last year I was determined to see it despite having to stay down in Melbourne an extra week before Christmas and that being the worst one I have had for a long time.

Foolishly I agreed to be the BBQ Roast Chicken wrangler for the night so that was an extra reason for me to be there. I was also surprised to see Nick and friends as I was sure that they would go to see the Fireballs with Fudge (there were about five different gigs I could have gone to on the same night!)

I took the extra precaution of getting properly drunk so I would enjoy the show more and be in the festive spirit, also so that I would forget that I had to take photos of Fred with the chicken later in the show.

Brothel were the first act and were really great. They reminded me a bit of TISM, but with a lot more swearing and the lead singer has rubber penises on his costume. The baton has surely been passed for novelty rock bands to Brothel and I am looking forward to seeing them next time.

The Hybernators were also great and I will definitely try and get to see them more in the future as Antman and Richard turned up to my birthday party last month.

The Fuck Fucks proved that calling it an XMAS show instead of a Christmas show was well founded. Special guests included Nick del Ray, Jesse (drums), Bigsy and Butcher. I was glad to see the chicken I bought was put to good use, even though it tried to escape its fate and ended up mashed on the floor (the cleaners get a snack in the morning!)

Next year hopefully the Fuck Fucks can play with a few other bands at the Prince Bandroom instead and have a lot more people come to see both acts. The Fuck Fucks are playing next at Fred's birthday and I believe that will be the first gig of the Twits for the year.

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