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Exotica 10th Anniversary

with Dr El Suavo, Luke Whitby, Johnny Vom Freakshow, Hektix & Umlaut Ding Dong Lounge, Saturday, 26th May 2007

The last time I went to an Exotica show as at Pony in 2005 when one of the performers in the show asked me to come (hi Miss Springolator!) and I had been meaning to go to another one, but something always came up beforehand and I never made it.

I had seen Dr El Suavo recently supporting Blowfly and Bob Log III and heard he had toured with the Secret Chiefs 3, so I was happy to go see his show again. 10 years ago I was still at uni and I wasn't due to move down to Melbourne for another three years so it was a long time ago for me.

Luke Whitby warmed up the crowd and had a bit of a hard time as there were not many people there when he was on and they were a luke-warm audience. I thought he did really well under the circumstances.

I remembered Johnny Vom Freakshow from last time and I even got to participate in his act this time by pulling a nail out of his nose.

The Hektix duo was very warmly received and I have seen Lolly Belle and Sparkarella before with the Voodoo Trash Dolls. Lolly Belle even did a song which was great and Sparkarella's grinder routine was great to watch.

Next up was a Limbo Competition and the first people up were those who had been giving Dr El Suavo the most lip, so it was funny to see them fall on their arse the first. The eventual winners of the competition where one of the barmaids and some Emo boy.

Dr El Suavo performed his extended routines which I thought were good, but some of the crowd liked hanging it on him. I also got him a Jagermiester shot when he asked for one as did a few other people. He did his straight-jacket escape routine with the help of Sparkarella grinding the buckles off (or that's what it looked like at least.)

Rounding off the night was the band Umlaut, who I have never heard of before, but it is another project of Bar McKinnon of Mr Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3. I don't often see this kind of music so I thought it was great.

Overall I thought it was an excellent night and very different from the rock night I had at the Pint the night before and I will try to get along more often in the future.


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