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The Good Shepherd's Circus Pie Classic 2008

Corner Hotel, Sunday 4th May 2008

MCs: Angus Sampson & Clem Bastow
Judges: John Lethlean, Tracee Hutchison, Adam D'Sylva

Team 1: Rebecca Barnard, Phil Kakulas, Kim Salmon, Ally Spazzy, Jon Chapple
Team 2: Deborah Conway, Adam Rozenbachs, Willy Zygier, Emma Race, Cameron Potts

With entertainment by Downhills Home, Dynamo, Hoss, The Town Bikes and the Blackeyed Susans

A stripped-down, racing version of the Circus Pie Classic began with the Downhills Home saying a short welcome and them launching straight into their set. I hadn't managed to see them before, but I thought they played a great set and I will look out for them in the future.

The cooking competition was changed for this year, with only one round and the band played while the cooking was going on with breaks every few songs for an update. Dynamo played great during cooking and I liked the guest spot by T-Bar.

The judging was also different this year with the judges having a table on the floor, rather than the stage and MCs Clem Bastow and Angus Sampson having roving microphones.

From what I saw the cooking seemed to go well, with only a few things going wrong like someone burning the chilli and smoking out the audience (luckily my nose was stuffed up), then the air-conditioning being turned up high to vent the smoke making things blow around. The judges handled it well though, and even did a piss-take on the Iron Chef judging panel at one stage.

After the cooking there was a great set by Hoss, who I hadn't seen since Robbie Rocket's tribute night and who were still great.

I hadn't seen the Town Bikes perform for over a year, so it was great to see them again.

The Blackeyed Susans finished off the night and were great to see as I hadn't seen them play live since 2005 and I didn't know if they were still around.

I thought the new format of the Circus Pie Classic went great and hopefully the organisers will continue to refine it for next year and more people will turn up.


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