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Chunk Project

with UNCLECHUNK, DJ Bad Funk, Footlost, Caroline Springs
2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival
The Empress Hotel, Wednesday 8th October 2008

I was only going to see a couple of shows at the Fringe Festival this year, but thanks to Danielle who contacted me on another site I post my photos on, I agreed to come see a different show and was glad that I did. I hadn't been to see a gig at the Empress since last year as most of the bands I go to see either play in St Kilda or Brunswick.

Arriving at the venue early, I had the chance to say hello to everyone in the show and take some photos of the impressive stage decorations. There was also a large TV in the middle of the stage and lots of lamps scattered everywhere. I am ambivalent about lamps since I nearly electrocuted myself by grabbing the live wires of one when trying to stop it falling over once, but these ones were fine.

There was a good variety of acts in the show as well as the main band UNCLECHUNK. I still get people asking me when the "Breath Control" doco is coming out, so it was good to see an actual beatboxer in the form of DJ Bad Funk and he also got to do an encore at the end of the show.

I enjoyed UNCLECHUNK as they played different music to what I would usually go to see. I will try to go see them some time in the future. They didn't perform just the one set for this gig as they played a few songs, had a special act and a vintage TV commercial to mix things up. I thought I was the only one to remember the "blood and guts and grease off the rod" from the Sard Wondersoap ad (A lot of my friends don't watch TV or don't have one for the sole purpose of saying "I don't even HAVE a TV!")

Footlost were also really good from what I saw of them. Photographing dance is difficult even if I could get my flash to work properly, so I was glad to get some good shots of their performance.

Caroline Springs also got to do a short stand-up routine and was appreciated in particular by a couple of scruffy looking dudes who appeared way up the back during her act.

I thought it was a great show and hopefully more people come to their final show on Sunday.


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