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Bless This House Tour

with Suzannah Espie, Ian Collard, The Yearlings
Old Drouin Butter Factory
Saturday, 17th February 2007

I had been looking forward to this show for a while and even though my parents were in Tasmania for the weekend, I still came down to Drouin and looked after the dog while they were away so I could see the show.

Having seen Suzannah a lot in Melbourne I always like seeing the reaction she gets from new audiences and the line of people wanting to talk to her after the show. This performance was no difference and she made lots of new fans (This one was a bit wooden though.)

I don't remember seeing Ian and Suzannah performing together and I thought their choice of songs was great as they usually both have bands with them which makes it hard to choose songs that work with a duo. I liked "Blue Baby" for obvious reasons as I hadn't heard Suzannah perform it since my birthday last year.

I saw the Yearlings perform at the Marcel Borrack's CD launch last year but hadn't seen them since then so it was great to see them again. I still have to get their CD as I now have 3/4 Mixmasters Records artists I have seen.

It was a very hot night and I thought everyone went very well under the circumstances. I did offer a swim in the pool at my parents, but Suzannah and co had a long drive back to Melbourne that night and had drive up to Castlemaine the next day (hot! hot! hot!) I had to leave not long after the show to check on Muffy dog anyway so I couldn't stay too late. At least I got to walk home this time and turn the air conditioning on when I got home.


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