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Birdhouse - A Celebration of the They Might Be Giants

featuring Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, Tim Minchin, Steven Gates, Aurora Kurth, Ennio Pozzebon, Ross McFerran, Eden Ottignon, Ben McKenzie, Particle Man, Josh Earl, Mal Webb, Andrew Mclelland, Geraldine Quinn, Scott Brennan, Mick Stuart, Cam Rogers, Simon Hall, Karlis Zaid, Otto Rot, Sammy J, Birdman, Kirsty Byrne, Bec Hill
New Ballroom, Trades Hall
Saturday, 21st April 2007

Experimental Film - Scott Edgar
Don't Let's Start - Casey Bennetto
Kiss Me, Son of God - Scott Brenan & Geraldine Quinn
Anna Ng - Scott Brennan
Dead... - Scott Edgar & Casey Bennetto
New York City - Scott Edgar & Kirsty Byrne
Can You Hear Me? - Josh Earl & Birdman
Particle Man - Particle Man
Where do they Make Balloons? - Ben McKenzie
Why Does the Sun Shine? - Ben McKenzie
Dr. Worm - Karlis Zaid
Dr. Evil - Aurora Kurth
She's an Angel - Andrew Mclelland & Bec Hill (with the angel on a stick)
Narrow Your Eyes - Geraldine Quinn
Lucky Ball and Chain - Sammy J
Whistling in the Dark - Cam Rogers
Twisting - Otto Rot
Birdhouse in Your Soul - Tim Minchin
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - Casey Bennetto, Geraldine Quinn & Scott Brennan
Women and Men - Tripod
Fingertips - Everyone
Road Movie to Berlin - Everyone
Istanbul, Not Constantinople - Everyone

Bed Bed Bed - Casey Bennetto (falling asleep on the keyboard)
Your Racist Friend - Casey Bennetto

As much as I like going to see gigs just to see music, I am always ready to support a good cause. When I heard about this gig from Casey Bennetto last week I booked my ticket fairly sharpish. I had of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, but I didn't know they were in financial strife. Hopefully this show raised a lot of money for them.

Casey and co are to be commended for organising this show in under a week and getting the band and everyone else to learn an album's worth of new material. They didn't even have the time for a run-through due to comedy festival commitments so it was a big ask.

Something that I knew was going to happen and did was that half the audience was going to sing along with the songs. They didn't even stop if the person singing fluffed a lyric, which was also funny. I admit to singing some of the of the better known songs myself as did the table beside me. Casey and Scott also got into the act by jumping off the stage at one point and walking into the audience signing.

I thought there would have been more people dancing, but most of the dancers seemed to be comedians performing in the show who were like the bad kids in a 80s high school comedy watching the homecoming game up their end of the seating.

If you see the set list and performers, you can get a pretty good idea of how the gig went already. The non-musical comedians also made a good go of it with Andrew Mclelland and Scott Brennan being standouts in particular.

It was also only the second time I had seen Tim Minchin perform live which was great to see again. The band (the Drowsy Belvoirs) was right on top of things and played great on every song, in particular the drummer who hammed it up in some songs and Cam Rogers the bass player who sang a song on the spur of the moment when Casey asked him.

Casey was on stage for the entire gig mostly behind the keyboard and played on almost every song. He looked very hot by the end of the gig so I hope people bought him loads of drinks afterwards.

I thought the choice of songs was excellent as I listened to my "Dial a Song" compilation the night before to try and guess the set list. There were some songs I hadn't heard of in there along with all the old favourites. Experimental Film was also an interesting choice as it was off TMBG latest album and I didn't know that many people knew it. The performance of Fingertips was brilliant involving the entire ensemble and the band had to learn all the separate musical accompaniments to it - I thought it went quite well considering how hard it is to do live.

Along with the Pinch outside broadcast last week, this is the best gala style night I have been to at the comedy festival and hopefully someone will organise another one for next year.


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