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Aloi Head and the Victor Motors

with Coode Island Cowpokes and a special guest appearance by Ron Barrassi
The Tote, Sunday 26th October 2008

Even though I had already had a big weekend, I still wanted to go to this gig as I have had the CD for Aloi Head for years and had never seen them play live. I got to the Tote really early and even the bands hadn't set up yet. It was going to be a relaxed gig anyway so I needn't have worried getting there too early.

The Coode Island Cowpokes played first and I thought they played very well. I hadn't heard of them before and couldn't find their website when I had a look for it. There were a few people already at the gig when they played and they got a good reaction.

There was a free BBQ on the day and I had a sausage along with everyone else. Unfortunately it was all over by the time Aloi Head actually played BBQuein' or people would have waved their sausages in the air.

It was great to finally see Aloi Head and the Victor Motors as they were in their heyday when I was still in high school. As I don't have access to a time machine I only have the bands I have seen the last couple of years to compare them with. I thought they were great and would do great on a bill with the Eggs and ROOT!

JVG was going off in the gig and did intimidate some of the audience who didn't know that he does jump into the audience when he sings. I ended up buying a POO! LP from Paul Elliot at the gig also as he had found a box of them in his store. It looks good even though I don't have a record player.

This was meant to be a one-off gig, but hopefully JVG can arrange a couple of songs by some of the band during BBQ Day in December. I know some people had to travel from interstate to play this gig so their efforts were appreciated.


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