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Airway Lanes In Vivo Veritas CD Launch

with the Veritas horn section
Chapel Off Chapel, Saturday 17th May 2008

Dan Hall plays a residency at my local and likes having Sambuca shots in between sets, which is where I met him. He has been playing Friday nights since last year at the Pint on Punt and I have had a good time on the rare occasion I am not busy on a Friday night and end up at the Pint to have a drink.

I was happy to go see his CD launch as I hadn't seen his new band before or been to Chapel Off Chapel. Unfortunately Fred and Corey had to work that night, so I represented the pub for the night and passed on Corey's message to Dan.

The night of the launch coincided with the first real cold and wet weather in a few months, luckily I got to stop on the way up Chapel St for hot chocolate and churros (and sent a message to my friend to taunt her for not having any.) I didn't want to stand around for too long so it was a good way to fill in time also.

As the night was a special occasion the line-up of the band was expanded somewhat with a keyboard player and horn section. I saw a band last year that did this for their CD launch and it is really worth it if you want to have a big show.

I hadn't heard any of the album before, so it was great to see it performed live on the night and I am sure it will do well. The next big show is at the Corner Hotel on the 4th of June so hopefully they get a big crowd in for that one. Dan Hall will also hopefully be back for his residency at the Pint next Friday and would have learned "Walking in the light green" (I was only 19) for Corey by then.


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