Paradise Anthology

Les Murray at the St Kilda Public Library

Rebecca Barnard & Sarah Carroll

Carmel Shute, Tara Moss, Michael Crane

Paradise Anthology Guidelines

Not taking submissions until further notice.

For submissions go to the Poetry Idol Guidelines.

  1. Please send us an email with the Heading: Paradise Anthology submission/ second round with your name in the heading.
  2. Please send two poems only, one poem up to twenty lines and a second poem up to forty lines. Please send these two poems in seperate attachments plus a forty word bio in a third attachment
  3. The Deadline is the 31st of October.
  4. All work submitted mut not have been previously published in any literary journals which publish two or more issues a year.
  5. Please type in 12 point font Times Roman
  6. Please type the title of the poems at the top of the page with your name and email address below the title.
  7. send to
You will be advised of our decision within two weeks and will be required to attend a workshop on the 17th of November should you be successful.

Rejection is unfortunately a part of being published but we will be priniting the Paradise anthology until 2012 so don't despair if you don't get accepted this year. We are organising more poetry idol events in 2010 for you to have a chance to win prizes and be published

Please tell your friends about the Paradise anthology and forward this to any poets who wish to be published in the magazine.


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