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Poetry Idol Final 2010

As part of the 2010 Melbourne Writers Festival
with special guests Les Murray, Michael Crane and Trish Anderson
BMW Edge, Sunday 5th September 2010

Whitmore Press winner: Jamie King-Holden
Best bio winner: Joel McKerrow
Audience runner up: Emily Manger
Poetry Idol 2010 Winner: Rhys Rogers

Poets in order of appearance:

  1. Kane Wilson/Animator
  2. Julie Mclean
  3. Andrea Thomas
  4. Caroline Hirsch
  5. Judy Thompson
  6. Lisa Jacobson
  7. Maria Pinto
  8. Michael Kemp
  9. Joel McKerrow
  10. Maurice Mcnamara
  11. Kerry Loughrey
  12. Avril Bradley
  13. ?
  14. Sonya Dobson
  15. Laura Smith
  16. Tom McCathie
  17. Rhys Rogers
  18. Meena Shamaly
  19. Toby Guthrie
  20. Gavin Sanderson
  21. Cherie Mills
  22. Anthony Doig/Antman
  23. Bronwen Manger
  24. Bronwen Lovell
  25. Emily Manger
  26. Steve Smart
  27. Thomas Kent
  28. Cameron tea
  29. Initially No
  30. Andrew Finnegan

The fourth Poetry Idol final I have photographed and unfortunately it also spells the end of regular Poetry Idol contest with next year's final being held in a different format.

Due to work and other things that came up I wasn't able to attend the last three heats but they must have gone well or there wouldn't have been such a good contest in the final.

I thought it was great final with lots of excellent contestants and not much between them. I still remember seeing Rhys Rogers at the Mornington Heat where he won the audience prize and it was good to see him win.

Cheers to Trish who I haven't seen for a while and it was also great to see Les Murray read as I hadn't seen him since last year.

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