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Poetry Idol Final 2009

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009
BMW EDGE, Federation Square, Sunday 30th August 2009
with Michael Crane, Trish Anderson and Phil

Poets in order of appearance:
Jessica Yu
Steve Smart
Will Hone
Nour Abonzeid
Vivian Hopkirk
Vicky Smith
Libby Charlton
Ozlem Barro
Andrea Thomas
Sharona Radovsky
Rafael S.W.
Mary Jones
Jessica Freidman
Amy Stuart
Michael Kemp
Marion Spires
Tim Potter
Avril Bradley
Duanne Clarke
Angela Dawson
Brigette Lewis
Samara Hersch
Cameron Semmens
John Joofor Lee
Meenah Shamaly
Marc Testart
Fiona Stuart

Performance winner:
Meenah Shamaly

1st Runner-up:
Jessica Freidman

2nd Runner-up:
Fiona Stuart

2009 Poetry Idol Winner:
Marion Spires

The third Poetry Idol Final for me and it seemed to come around even quicker than last year.

There were some changes this year with the heats being held at different libraries around Melbourne and the final also had some important changes such as the time limit being reduced to one minute and the final score being based on the writing ability of the poet added to how well they performed on the day.

The winners turned out a lot different than I thought due to the new rules, but a couple of my favorites got a prize ay least.

The next big event will be the Paradise Poems and Songs special gigs starting in October and next year's Poetry Idol begins in February 2009.

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