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Poetry Idol Final 2008

The Age Melbourne Writers' Festival 2008
ACMI at Federation Square, Sunday 31st August 2008
with Michael Crane, Trish Anderson, Number Station, Tracie Morris, Frank Coorey

Poets in order of appearance:

  1. Jacek Pakula
  2. Nick Woudstra
  3. Bec Graham
  4. Chenoah Ellis
  5. Fiona Stuart
  6. Kai Jensen
  7. Mark Garnett
  8. Maxine Clarke
  9. Tim Potter
  10. Michael Kemp
  11. Bronwyn Manger
  12. Rebecca Page
  13. Rodney Williams
  14. Libby Charlton
  15. PJ Moore
  16. Vivian Hopkirk
  17. IJ Oog
  18. Avril Bradley
  19. Marc Testart
  20. Aisla Gaia
  21. Wendy Butler
  22. Glen Ewing
  23. Ezra Bix
  24. Sophie Testart
  25. Ben Popjie
  26. Emily Manger

1st - Ezra Bix
2nd - Rebecca Page
3rd - Kai Jensen

My first experience of Poetry Idol was photographing the final last year, so it seems appropriate enough that I would take photos of this year's final almost a year to the day.

There are quite a few people I remember from last year's final, but also a lot of new people in particular the people who managed to get in to the very last heat and make into the final.

I hadn't seen Number Station before, so it was great to see them playing a few songs at the start of the night.

Michael and Trish Anderson hadn't performed together for a while so it was great to see them again. They were meant to perform a few more songs at the end, but it was good having them in the breaks to give more variety to the night.

While I try to remain impartial on the poets, Ezra Bix did really pull something out of the hat, which is what he needed to do it win in such a strong field. I had trouble taking photos he was running around the stage so much and the allusions to drunken AFL football players struck a chord with the audience.

I had heard Tracie Morris on RRR FM during the week and she enjoyed being able to watch the poets and not have to perform herself as much except for a few poems at the end.

Cheers to Bernie and Stella for keeping me company during the Overland book launch, Simone, Mia and Trish for the drink. The next big event will be the Paradise Anthology and Poetry Idol will be back bigger and better in 2009 with some surprises in store.


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