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Poetry Idol Heat 7

Box Hill Library
Saturday 1st August 2009

Competing poets:
James Roberts
Anthony Doig
Drew Kell Holland
Jennifer Compton
Linda Simmons
Laura Smith
Vanessa De Largie
Roy Lloyd
Amellia Xie
Will Hone
John Joofor Lee
Mary Jones
Alex O'Sullivan
Fiona Stuart
Tanja Kovac
Maxine Clarke
Tiggy Johnson
Genevive Barr
Elissa Barbarossa
Adam Danby
Ben Popje
Oliver Coulter
Rodney Williams
Paul M
Katherine Manera
Nour Abonzeid
Emily Manger
Bronwyn Manger
Chris Masters
David Briscoe

Stella's Prize:
Amellia Xie

Audience prizes:
Ben Popje
Nour Abonzeid
Mary Jones

Judges prizes:
John Joofor Lee
Fiona Stuart
Will Hone

A record attendance of poets for a heat as quite a few returning poets came back for one last chance of getting into the final.

It was also the first occurance of audience interaction with a poet that I remember and it worked out well with John Joofor Lee going through to the final.

The final at the end of the month will be a big one and I am looking forward to it after going to six out of seven of the poetry idol heats this year.

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