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Paradise Anthology Launch 2009/Poetry Idol 2009 Heat 1

as part of the St Kilda Festival Live and Local program
with MC Brian Nankervis, Chris Wilson, Sarah Carroll, Trish Anderson and Michael Crane
St Kilda Public Library, Sunday 1st February 2009

Poets in order of appearance:
Alice White
Michael Kemp
Corrine Phillips
Clare Strathan
Sharona Radovsky
James Roberts
Dianne Patterson
Andrea Thomas
Duanne Clarke
Karen Denby
Ozlem Baro
Thomas Kent
Wendy Butler
Marc Testart
Laura Lavanagh
Judith Loriente
Ursula Bayer
Michael Borrice
Jeff Fox
Mick Mezza

Judges prizes:
Ozlem Baro
Marc Testart

Audience prizes:
Sharona Radovsky
Duanne Clarke

"Boot" prize encouragement award:
Corrine Phillips

After a successful two years at the St Kilda Public Library, the Poetry Idol competition is moving on. As it is both a happy and sad occasion, it seemed only fitting to have the Paradise Anthology Launch in the same venue as last year's very successful launch.

It was great to have Brian Nankervis as MC again as I still remember how great he was last year. I recently had to get some photos for short notice and found the one with the bags of pikelets as it was on Shrove Tuesday last year. This year Brian had a fun game with a ball that you blew into. Avril Bradley was enlisted from the audience, much to some people's amusement. I really want to go to see Rockwiz now if that is even half as much as Brian does to warm up the crowd.

Chris Wilson and Sarah Carroll played great and even got to do a song together after Brian asked nicely. Hopefully I will get to see them a few more times this year.

Trish Anderson and Michael Crane also performed some musical poems, which was great as I hadn't seen them perform since the re-opening of the St Kilda Town Hall last year. Trish also did some of her own songs and I will also try to get to see her play this year some time.

There were some official presentations, a judges' handover and Ezra's book launch all in the space after the music so there was lots to get through.

The famous wine and cheese at the library went down great and it was so good there was even another one during the judging.

Heat 1 of the 2009 Poetry Idol was hotly contested with audience votes being awarded for the first time and the "Boot" prize being a welcome addition to the competition. As there was so much on during the day already, I cut back some of the photos during the contest, I still have all the originals though. I have tried to get the best of every poet during the competition.


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