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Guidelines for 2009 Poetry Idol

New guidelines for 2010 Poetry Idol coming soon

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Poetry Idol Final Guidelines


In 2009 the judging process has changed. New judges (TBA) will select 2 winners from each heat based on literary merit suitable for publication in the Paradise Anthology and to perform at the final of Poetry Idol to be held at the 2009 Age Melbourne Writers Festival. The judges will score each poet out of ten.

There will also be two winners from each heat who will be chosen by the audience as the most popular poets. The audience (other than the poets performing) will be given running sheets of the poets and to score out of five. The two highest scores chosen by the audience other than poets selected by the judges will perform at the final of Poetry Idol They will be invited to also submit work to the Paradise anthology but are not guaranteed publication like the winners chosen by the judges.

GUIDELINES ( Go to homepage of Paradise Anthology for library venues of heats)

Due to time constraints of the Melbourne Writers Festival the time limit for poets in the final is now 60 seconds or less.

  1. $2000 first prize (TBC winner may also receive book publication)
  2. 2 x $500 runner up prizes.
  3. All poets published in the Paradise Anthology will receive a copy of the magazine and a minimum $20 payment per poem.
  4. All heat winners are required to perform a different poem for the final.
  5. All poets who enter the heats are required to bring two copies ( typed) of their poem for the judges to read while they perform.
  6. Time limit for the heat is 2 minutes and the judges will deduct points for those who go over the time limit.
  7. All poems performed at Poetry Idol must have been written in the last twelve months and not previously published or on offer to other literary magazines.
  8. Due to the Melbourne Writers Festival time constraints poems for the final must be 60 seconds or less.
  9. For the heats a random draw will operate to determine the running order.
  10. Entry fee per poet for each heat is $10 which helps fund the prize money and administration costs of Poetry Idol. Those poets who buy a copy of the Paradise Anthology (RRP $20) at the heats will be given free entry for a minimum two heats (subject to availability of places) and also be invited to submit poems to the Paradise Anthology should they not make the final. Note those poems submitted must not have been performed at Poetry Idol. See Guidelines for the Paradise Anthology: taking submissions from September 3rd to November 3rd 2009. SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER; Those poets who come to the launch of the 2009 Paradise Anthology can obtain the magazine at a special launch price of $15 and receive the same benefits as above.
  11. Poets must contact Michael Crane to book a place in the heats.
Entry to the audience for the heats is free and most libraries will also provide wine and finger food. Audience members must call each library so they can allow for catering and seating



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