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The Unliving (2010)

Director: Hugo Lilja

The zombie film has been a bit overdone in recent years, but this one is different in that is set after the initial zombie outbreak and has some more depth to the story.

Set 25 years after the outbreak that of a disease that turns people into "the unliving" an industry has sprung up where these poor souls are processed and used to perform menial jobs for normal people.

There is a group of bounty hunters who collect the unliving for processing, and a facility where the victims are processed to be turned into worker drones.

The main characters in this film both work in the facility, but in different roles, one is a bounty hunter and another works on the drill. Things seem good for them, until one day the worker in the factory comes across one of the unliving who is very familiar to him and has to do something about it.

Kind of a strange movie in that it goes to a lot of trouble to establish this back story of "the unliving" being commercially exploited, and they doesn't do anything about it. It was good to see the character development of the main characters and not too much zombie fighting for once

I don't know what is going to happen with this short as it is set up for more episodes with the conclusion, but I will have to see.


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