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Las Palmas (2011)

Director: Johannes Nyholm

I was looking forward to this short so much, I had booked in to this screening just because I wanted to see this film.

It's pretty much what I had seen in the trailer with a baby rampaging through a bar with the other guests and staff being puppets and the baby just doing normal baby stuff that is very destructive in that environment.

I had enjoyed the director's previous work "The Tale of Little Puppetboy" and this film should go on to be a audience favourite at festivals and other places when it gets to screen.

I also liked how the scenery was all made of fabric and everything was baby-sized so the baby looked like a normal adult size in the environment.

I won't give too much away what happens in the movie, but I liked the scene of the baby punching in the window to get into the bar before it opened along with other scenes. I don't even know how they got the baby to do everything that happens in the film.

Very highly recommended and I am looking forward to see what this director does in the future.


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