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Knuckle (2011)

Knuckle poster Director: Ian Palmer

Shot over twelve years, this documentary follows the dispute between clans of Irish traveller families that are settled by bare knuckle boxing. The director also justifies his own inclusion in the story and that he decided to stop following it for a while as he got too involved in it.

While there is footage of the fights in the documentary, most of the running time is taken up with the preparation and both sides explaining the source of the disputes with some of the older women saying there is no point to it as they are all related.

Some of the fights go on for hours so not all of them are shown, they are governed by "fair fight" rules but the combatants seem to grapple a lot and suddenly one person has a face full of blood and it is over.

I have heard that there is going to be a TV series based on the concept, I do not know what extra it could bring to the story unless they dramatise it even more and start making up stuff.

It was still interesting to watch and a glimpse into a world that you would not otherwise see even in a western country.


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