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It's the Muppet Show!

With Josh Kinal and John Richards
ACMI Studio 1, Thursday 28th July 2011

The original series may have last screened 30 years ago this year, but for the people who remember seeing it when it was first on it remains as popular as ever judging by how quickly this session sold out even with all the films currently screening at MIFF.

I enjoyed Focus on Jim Henson retrospective at ACMI a few years back, so I was looking forward to this talk. As they explained it was not going to be a straight clip show and it was better for it as you can get a lot of the clips online these days.

The main focus of the presentation was the original series with follow up discussion on its influence on popular culture with some contemporary example of Muppet influence.

A special feature of the talk was the Munah-Munah button that was a last minute idea of one of the presenters and they tried their best to find a reason to use it at any opportunity, even one of the audience questions involved pushing it.

While I had heard a lot about the pre-history of the Muppets, I had not seen some of the clips post Muppet Show and didn't even know about the "Smile Time" episode of Angel.

Special mention must go to mentioning the Muppet Babies even though they didn't really want to and it has been disowned by a lot of fans.

Jim Henson's passing and what happened to the Muppets after Disney bought them weren't really mentioned that much, there was a dedication to Henson after some special guests sang a song from the Muppet Movie. It has been discussed elsewhere, but having the Muppets as part of a larger entertainment corporation instead of on their own has changed them.

It was still an entertaining and informative talk and I will try to make another session of "Live in the Studio" at ACMI in the future.