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In (2011)

Director: Adam Berg

A man receives a phone call from an acquaintance one night asking for some help, it seems his son has lost his toy out the window of a train as it passed through the tunnel and the only way to find it is to enter the tunnel after the trains stop running for the night and find it.

This doesn't turn out to be as straight forward as they hoped, when the two happen upon a barred entrance to a second train line deep in the mountain with no idea where it leaves. The other man goes mad and tries to run off, but the more sensible one drags him back and they leave.

I know a few people who would be into this sort of thing as they like urban exploration and I have seen a video of people exploring the City Loop in Melbourne complete with a shot of the train going over the camera.

It was well shot and considering the difficultly of lighting the film while inside a mountain, was well done with a sense of dread not just about unscheduled trains, but what could be inside the mountain with them.

I don't know when this one will be out, but I would recommend it to people who like shorts with a good sense of atmosphere and place.


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