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Finisterrae (2010)

Finisterrae Director: Sergio Caballero
Stars: Pau Nubiola, Santi Serra and Pavel Lukiyanov

I had been warned about this movie and that a lot of people walked out of it in other screenings, I didn't see as much on the night I attended and it has managed to sell out its sessions.

The movie grew out of short films produced by Sónar Festival and it was produced in reverse with the soundtrack being provided first, then random scenes being filmed and finally the characters being dubbed in Russian at the end.

There is sort of a story about two ghosts (really just two people wearing white sheets with eye holes) going on a journey with their horse and having encounters with the weird along the way.

Lots of randomness and non-explained situations abound and it is best to just go with it. Not sure if I would watch it again, but I was glad to see it and I would recommend it to people who like experimental movies.


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