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End of Animal (2010)

End of Animal Director: Sung-Hee Jo
Starring: Lee Min-Ji, Hae-il Park, Park Sae-Jong, Park Sae-Jong, Kim Yeong-Ho

It's always a gamble seeing something at festival if you have not heard of a particular director before. I had enjoyed other movies from South Korea in the past and the synopsis of this one did look interesting when I read it.

Unfortunately, the movie itself is not really up to much and seems to borrow off other movies, just not as well and when a movie with Demi Moore does the same plotline better, then there is a problem. I'm not really going to describe the storyline as I just didn't care enough to remember anything about it.

I know the film was made on small budget and one of the main stars is just credited as "the man in the hat", but it doesn't really cost that much to have a decent script and it would have been better if something actually happened rather than having everyone go around in circles.

What it does do right is setting the tone as it is unrelentingly bleak, with even the light fading before your eyes at one point to almost total darkness. Also it seems there might not really be anything actually out to get the main characters, it is just other people going mad in the situation that are the real danger.

I wouldn't rush to see this film, but if you are fan of end of the world movies and want to see everything available, then this is one more movie you can see in the genre.


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