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The Movie Orgy (1968)

The Movie Orgy Director: Joe Dante

Tagline: "Don't crowd me!"

In his introduction for the film Joe Dante said this film was made to be "walked out on" so you could go to the toilet, have a smoke or go get a full meal and come back and not miss anything. I did end up going out a couple of times as there was no interval for the screening and did feel that. Thanks to Richard Moore for cutting the ads at the start as he said the movie was "long enough already"

Originally the movie was screened on 16mm, but it proved to be too much of a pain due to reel changes and having to adjust the focus and sound for the entire running time so these days it is just shown from DVD.

The original inspiration for the movie was a copy of the Batman 1944 TV show going around in the 60s that had been compiled into a 5 hour version that people would watch in one sitting.

The format of the movie is a collection of clips from various films, TV shows, public information films and news reports. When it was originally shown in the 1960s there was no easy way to record things from TV so a lot of the clips had not been seen since they had originally been shown.

I am unsure of the exact number of clips shown, but a lot of them seemed to just be the opening titles, one line out of context and then the closing titles with a lot of random stuff in between.

If you wanted to see the full movies you are looking in the wrong place and I liked pretty much all of them, except I couldn't watch the Tarantula movie clips due to not liking big hairy spiders.

There were some favourite clips with the audience including Andy's Gang and the performance of "Jesus Loves Me" with Midnight the Cat on pipe organ and Squeaky the mouse on a tiny drum. Clips from the film "Speed Crazy" ran as a sort of theme throughout the movie along with "College Confidential".

I liked the "movie in a movie" screenings where the characters on screen would watch a movie and something not even related screened. The Richard Nixon one where he was trying to explain how honest he was turned out to be a bit trying as it just went on and on (this film was compiled six years before Watergate so that makes it better.)

I had gone to see a movie straight before this one, but had not been in screenings all day like some of the audience which would make for a very long day. The best comment I heard was "It should have gone for another four hours!" when it finally ended. Also I had a dream after I finally got to bed that it was 6am and Joe Dante turned up to stop the screening as he had put in an extra two hours in the film just to see what would happen.

I am really glad to have seen it as Joe Dante said "you are not going to see this again" so I really wanted to see it and had lots of fun.


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