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The Family Jams (2009)

The Family JamsDirector: Kevin Barker
with performances by Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vetiver, Antony & the Johnsons, Espers, The Pleased, Meg Baird, the Corndawg

Tagline: Just lovely

I originally wanted to watch this doco due to Joanna Newsom as I had to miss her recent shows in Australia as I wasn't working at the time. It was great to learn about Devendra Banhart over the course of the documentary and I will have a listen to his music in the future.

This was a bit different in that the film maker actually ended up as part of the documentary as he played with the band during their shows and there was a lovely sweet moment where Joanna Newsom puts him on the spot saying "you've got hundreds of hours of footage of just me haven't you?" Haven taken thousands of photos of performers myself and seen them hundreds of times I can see why you can become attached to an artist if you are documenting them.

I couldn't believe how small some of the venues they played in during the doco where, but it was the tour promoting their first albums. I did like the live performance clips they played and also enjoyed seeing some of impromptu jams behind the scenes.

I did end up crying in one scene when the mother bought in the card her two year old daughter had made for Joanna Newsom and said that she carried her CD around in a plastic pumpkin.

I didn't expect Joanna to come back to the tour at all after they said one of her childhood friends had died in a car accident then she had one of her own on the way back to the tour, she must have really wanted to finish it.

It was a great doco and I am looking forward to hearing more from these performers in the future.



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