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Teenage Paparazzo (2010)

Teenage PaparazzoDirector: Adrian Grenier
Featuring: Austin Visschedyk, Alec Baldwin, Lewis Black, Matt Damon, Paris Hilton and many others

Tagline: "Let me take a photo of you for once"

This documentary originated when Adrian Grenier had a photo taken by Austin Visschedyk who then 13 and working as a paparazzi in West Hollywood. He was intrigued by such a young person being involved in the industry and decided to investigate.

Over the course of the documentary the two become good friends and the nature of celebrity and the media that relies on them is examined. As a bit of a turn up for the books Adrian Grenier decides to cut things short when he doesn't like the direction Austin is going in that was caused by the very documentary they are making and in a "Spaceballs" type moment, there is a scene of them watching the documentary in the documentary.

The scenes of Adrian Grenier faking a photo opportunity with Paris Hilton were funny in their absurdity. I also enjoyed the very paparazzi they are covering not liking the documentary until Adrian Grenier decided to try it out himself by buying his own camera and tagging along.

I would have liked to see more of the photos actually taken by Austin, but I guess it would be pretty hard to show that many without it turning into a slideshow or a Ken Burns' type documentary.

I did have a quick look through Ausitn's website afterwards and thought they were great. I don't really get into taking photos on the street that much myself and it would be hard to take photos outside in all weather.

To be able to take good photos it is best to concentrate on the one subject you are interested in and this documentary does show that.

Although I can't really see myself ever becoming a paparazzi type photographer, it was an interesting insight into that world and the cult of celebrity and I would like to see more from both Austin and Adrian in the future.



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