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Cooking History (2009)

Cooking HistoryDirector: Péter Kerekes
Tagline: "Life's not a bowl of porridge, there are no easy recipes"

The story of wars through the 20th century is told from the point of view of army cooks with some interesting insights that you wouldn't normally expect such as the conflict in the former Yugoslavia as told from the former nutritionist and food tester for General Tito.

There are scenes of animal slaughter in the movie, but it comes with the territory. Some people did get a shock in the cow slaughter scene as they just hit it on the head with an axe and almost cut its head right off when they cut its neck.

I was surprised that this movie sold out at the festival as I thought it would be more of a special interest topic. I had not been watching MasterChef so it may have increased the audience for it.

I also liked the different recipes they listed during the film with the proportions of the ingredients changed to reflect who the dish was for, my favourite being "poisoned bread for 1000 captured SS officers", with a pinch of salt.

I don't know if this will get a run anywhere after the festival, but I am sure it will do well on TV or DVD on special order.



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