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Boy (2010)

BoyDirector: Taika Waititi
Starring: James Rolleston, Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu, Maakariini Butler, Rachel House

Tagline: Familiar, even if you live in Australia

Set in 1984 in a small town in New Zealand, Boy (James Rolleston), is being looked after by his Nan along with all his sisters while is dad is "away". He has convinced himself that his dad is off having adventures, but really he is in jail for an armed robbery.

One day his Nan has to go off for a funeral and his dad arrives with two new friends and they start looking for the stash that he buried just before he was arrested.

The Crazy Horse gang that his dad has came up with is a bit of a joke, but Boy still likes them and tries to emulate his dad, distancing himself from his family and friends. Boy goes a bit too far however and finds out what his dad is really like and has to slap his own dad back into line.

This film is a nostalgia overload for people who grew up in New Zealand in the 1980s as the "Goodnight Kiwi" even makes an appearance and a lot of the audience would know people like those featured in the movie.

In the Q&A after the movie Taika Waititi and James Rolleston answered a few questions including how did he get such good performances out of the young cast. James just said "I just did it" and Taika said it was all down to the casting as they did have another boy cast for the main role, but as it turned out James was better.

In response to the question on what he is working on next, Taika replied that 95% of the scripts he reads are "shit" and the other 5% are being filmed by Stephen Speilberg.

When asked if the story was autobiographical, Taika replied that it was filmed in his home town, the school he went to and the house he grew up in, but it wasn't based anyone in his own family. He said he knew a lot of people who saw themselves as "rebels" and never really grew up and took responsibility for their own lives.

Someone asked the question to James if he "had a lot of girlfriends" now the film has come out, Taika replied "What sort of question is that? I'm sure you were 13 once."

Another question was when Michael Jackson was introduced into the screenplay and did his passing have any effect on the movie. The original draft was written in 2005 and also had Freddie Mercury and Queen in it, but it was decided one superstar was more than enough. Michael Jackson died when the film was being edited and it did effect the film as they had tried to get permission to use a clip from Thriller in the movie, but he died before they could get it from him. It has not really effected the impact of the movie.

"Was that real marijuana that was used in the movie?" to which James replied no and Taikia told him "good boy", I mean, really!



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