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The pig is the terminal corpse time - MIFF 2009 Blog

Welcome to the White Chapel District (2008)

Director: Marie Viellevie

Tagline: Damn cool

The well-known story of Jack the Ripper is retold in a style that reminded me of a Beck video and the streets literally come to life to help tell the story.

I remember the multimedia fad of the mid 90s where everything had to full motion video and interactivity in it and this short reminded me of that somewhat, also Dance Dance Revolution for some strange reason due to the arrows and symbols.

My favourite parts were the symbols coming to life with the black outlines of people moving around on a yellow background, which looked really weird in some of the scenes. I would love to see someone do a show based on this idea and have recommended this short on to people who could make it happen.

Rating: 8/10


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