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The pig is the terminal corpse time - MIFF 2009 Blog

The Models: Pop Movie episode 01 (1981)

Director: Ray Argall

Tagline: "Great, now we can go get our stuff out of hock!"

Filmed over the course of a weekend in 1981 we see then just about to release their first album band, the Models do a gig at the Bombay Rock in Brunswick (live version of Happy Birthday IBM) and then go back to their shared flat in St Kilda to watch their music video being introduced on Nightmoves (Two People Per Square Km.) and then attempting to trash the TV when the wrong clip is played.

There is also footage of a live gig at the Crystal Ballroom, but I forget what song they were playing. I thought the crew did a great job of following the band around and the live footage turned out excellently.

The audience in the screening also liked the scenes in the band's flat with the cats walking around the background, stealing the show. There were some great lines from the band and they seemed to be genuinely excited about their new release.

Also funny was the really bad RRR announcer at the end who didn't even know where the Models were playing gigs or where to buy their record. Thankfully some things have changed since then.

Although the Models are no longer playing, the band members still play around the place. Sean Kelly once forgot the words to Barbados at a karaoke night in St Kilda that one of my friends runs.

Rating: 9/10

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