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The pig is the terminal corpse time - MIFF 2009 Blog

For Want Of (1985)

Director: Jayne Stevenson

Tagline: Detective Punk Noir?

In this noir-ish tale a man is accused of a murder he didn't commit and has to outrun the police, who sing at him and takes refuge with friends who sing at him. I liked it, but a lot of people seemed to think it was a bit out of place in the screening. All the dialog in the film is sung so that might be the reason people didn't like it.

The film also stars Stephen Cummings as the singing detective, which was strangely enough confirmed on Off the Record during their outside broadcast during the film festival.

I liked the styling and settings for this story and it would be interesting to see more contemporary music done in this style.

A good short and I was happy to see it included in the screening.

Rating: 8/10

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