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The pig is the terminal corpse time - MIFF 2009 Blog

Birth (2009)

Director: Signe Baumane

Tagline: Cute

A teenage girl's worries are dismissed by her mother as normal teenage angst, but she is terrified after finding out she is pregnant and doesn't know what will happen to her. Her aunty and another older woman friend tell her horror stories about the experience, but it is her own baby that finally sets her straight and tells her how to look after him.

An interesting twist on a much-discussed topic and I did see the link to Bill Plympton's work, who is thanked in the credits of the movie. I liked the smooth tones of the background and impressive line drawing.

I also enjoyed the over the top parts of the film like the horror scene in the young girl's bedroom and the "trying to push an elephant out the door" scene of the birth.

I enjoyed this short and hope to see more from this animator in the future.

Rating: 8/10


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