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The Waimate Conspiracy (2006)

The Waimate Conspiracy Director: Stefen Lewis
Starring: Janice Gray, Mark Hadlow, David McPhail, Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearse Otene

Tagline: It's a pusser!

When George Kepa's (Jim Moriaty) family land claim against a local farmer fails, he enlists the help of his sister Xena (Helen Pearse Otene) to help with the appeal. Things don't work out as they plan however when vital evidence goes missing and they start playing funny buggers with the evidence with surprising results.

Filming the whole thing is Dave the camera operator who we never get to see, but is part of the story in that the characters react to him and he is always running from once place to the next to follow the story.

With the whole mockumentary genre becoming a bit overdone these days, it was refreshing to see one that plays it straight in the presentation, but still has loads of laughs from the quirks in the characters and funny story.

I'm not really into the whole dogme95 movement, but fans of that style of movie making will also enjoy this movie as it is very casual and you are part of the story as it unfolds.

Rating: 8/10

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